Terra Marique

The vessel’s design has combined state-of-art technology with traditional marine and heavy transport engineering. The design has been developed to maximise the utilisation of the UK and European ports, rivers and inland waterway freight.

The Terra Marique is unique

There are a number of specific attributes that contribute to making the Terra Marique unique in the European shipping market:

  • Terra Marique’s hydraulic roadway and ballast system will allow the vessel to offload on varying quay heights and riverbanks.
  • Terra Marique has a specially strengthened hull to allow the craft to beach land with minimal need for on site preparation, thus facilitating direct delivery to coastal and waterway sites.
  • Terra Marique’s ability to semi-submerge enables the transportation of smaller vessels, including the Inland Navigator, thus facilitating access to the UK inland waterway network without transhipping from sea passage.
  • Terra Marique will be able to carry out tasks previously considered fraught with complications and expense – including the replacement of bridges over waterways.
  • Terra Marique can act as a model dry dock or ship lift for smaller vessels, including the Inland Navigator, when there is a need to carry out routine maintenance.
  • Terra Marique’s hatch covers allow cargo to be stowed and secured out of sight and protected from the elements. The hatch covers are removable so should the cargo exceed 6.5m in height some or all of the hatch covers can be removed prior to transit.


Length o.a. : 80.0m
Beam mld : 16.5m
Depth to coaming : 8.5m
Depth to main deck : 6m
Deadweight : 2211Te
Design draft : 1.6m to 4.8m
dependant on cargo

Length : 67m
Width : 9m
Roadway clear width : 8.4m
Cargo deadweight : 1350Te
Elevating roadway : 3 sections,
SWL 600Te each