Our Environment

The significant impact of road transport on climate change and our environment is well documented, as is the economic cost of congestion.

Robert Wynn & Sons through our operation of the Terra Marique and Inland Navigator strive to minimise the road milage travelled by the target and heaviest abnormal indivisible loads.

The unique design of the Terra Marique ensures that the road mileage travelled can be minimised and, in many cases, removed, through maximising opportunities for beach landings, utilisation of roll on roll off berths located adjacent to UK power stations and the use of non-traditional berths & ports.

The Terra Marique is the largest vessel to navigate the River Thames to Isleworth, and the largest vessel to pass through Gainsborough Road Bridge on route to Cottam powder station on the River Trent. The Inland Navigator seeks to maximise the potential of the UK commercial waterway network accessing waterside sites some in excess of 100km inland from the nearest sea port.

Working with clients, national and local government, navigation authorities, trade associations and professional bodies Robert Wynn & Sons actively works in partnership to ensure that the impacts generated on our environment and economy by the movement of the largest and heaviest abnormal indivisible loads are reduced, and where possible minimised or removed.

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